Literary Work

Play it Back

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27-year-old Asian American Carmen feels she has a perfect life. A rewarding job, a loving boyfriend, and great friends. Her independent lifestyle was hard-won. She was a socially awkward teenager with immigrant parents and no college acceptance letters.

She has no reason to want to relive her teen years. But that’s exactly what happens when she makes a reluctant appearance at her high school reunion and somehow finds herself transported ten years in the past to relive her senior year. 

With knowledge of how life turns out, she figures while she’s in 1999, she might as well enjoy it. She joins drama club, goes to parties, and flirts with the boy who will become her future fiancé. It’s not all fun and games she realizes, as her best friends chafe under the changes and her parents’ marriage implodes.  

As she struggles to navigate her life in the past, Carmen must confront the question of why she was sent here in the first place – a question that may lead her to the realization that the life she thought had turned out so perfectly may not be everything she dreamed of after all.